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Our offering

We are a low-threshold contact point: You come to us voluntarily and decide for yourself which offers you want to use and which not. With us you can remain anonymous, we are sworn to confidentiality.

Tee in der frauenOase

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Shower and washing facilities

  • Hygiene products

  • Safeuse material for drug use

  • Safer sex material

  • Clothing exchange

  • Opportunities for retreat and relaxation

  • Information material and, if necessary, support and advice

  • Anonymous consultation with a doctor

  • Small meal

  • Emergency aid

  • and of course good conversations!

Dusche der frauenOase

Advice and support

We advise and support you in all life situations - the same applies here: we are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Nothing you tell us will leak out.

We accompany you 

  • on offices

  • to doctor's appointments

  • when looking for an apartment

  • on legal questions

  • for medical questions

  • or wherever you need help

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